Adult Classes

Our martial arts classes for adults and families are offered Monday through Saturday. We also offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes to fit the students proper learning level. Adults vary in all ages from teenagers to senior citizens.


There are numerous benefits adults receive while learning this Korean art of “foot” and “”hand”.  Such as increasing the flexibility and strengthening of the muscles. Consistent sweatinghelping the body to cleanse from the inside. Weight loss through regular exercise. And very importantlystress relief.


All of these benefits will lead to a and happier life. The classes will consist of proper warming up, basic self defense strikes with the knees,hands,elbow’s, and feet. Students will learn self defense escapes, trips, sweeps,throws, and rolls. Training the hands and feet on our kicking bags is a great work out !


Taekwondo is an official Olympic Sport. When students are ready to participate in contact sparring with other students, this will be available. Through all these methods the students obtain a well balanced workout and knowledge of martial arts!


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